LEAP 2025 ELA Grade 3 Chapter 3

LEAP 2025 ELA Grade 3 Chapter 3 Sample

Bumba from a Congolese Folktale Bumba was lonely. He had a world. But nobody lived on it. The world was full of water. It was all dark. He was sad.

One day, he felt a pain in his belly. He spat up the Sun, moon, and stars. They flew into the sky. He spat up again. Trees came out. They landed on the ground. Next came animals. They landed near the trees.

Bumba made the first woman. She gave birth to Woto. He was the first king. Woto soon had many people to watch over. Bumba was not lonely any more. Bumba went to watch from heaven.

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Con Tiqui from an Incan Folktale There was no light in the world. All the people were sad. They could not see anything. Con Tiqui popped out of a lake. He wanted to help.

He felt bad for the people. He put his crown in the sky. It became the Sun. People were happy about being able to see. He told people to explore the world. He showed them how to build things. Con Tiqui felt better. He went back home to the bottom of the water.

In which two ways are the above two passages "Bumba" and "Con Tiqui" alike?

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How is the above passage "Bumba" different from "Con Tiqui"? Select all that apply.

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The illustrations in the passages above help readers understand?

The Cat and the Birds A Cat heard that the Birds in a certain house were feeling sick. He dressed himself up as a doctor. They would not see he was a cat, and he could eat them. He walked with a cane and had a doctor’s bag full of things a doctor carries. He went to call on them.

He knocked at the door and asked how they were. The Cat said that if they were ill, he would be happy to help and cure them. The Birds replied, "We are all very well. And we will stay well if you go away and leave us as we are."


How is the cat most similar to the well-dressed men?

The Lion and the Mouse – adapted from the fable by Aesop One day, a little mouse ran across a sleeping lion’s paw. This woke the lion. The lion was angry at being woken up, and he grabbed the little mouse in his big paw. He was about to eat the mouse when the mouse said, "Please don’t eat me. If you will let me go, I will find a way to help you someday."

The lion laughed. He thought that such a small mouse could never help a great lion like himself. But, he let the mouse go. Not long after this, the mouse was running through the forest and heard a loud roaring. He saw the lion, who was trapped in a hunter’s net. The mouse remembered how the lion had let him go. He ran to the net and began chewing at the ropes. Soon, he had made a hole big enough for the lion to get free.

The Fox and the Crow – adapted from the fable by Aesop A fox saw a crow sitting in a tree with a piece of cheese in her beak.

"I want that cheese," thought the fox. So, he went to the foot of the tree.

"Hello, Crow," he cried. "How well you are looking today! Your feathers are so glossy! Your eyes are so bright! You must be a good singer as well. Could I hear you sing just one song?"

The crow was pleased by the nice things the fox said. She wanted to sing so the fox would praise her voice too. But, when she opened her beak, the piece of cheese fell to the ground. The fox quickly snapped it up.

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How are these two stories different?

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What does this picture show?