MN MCA HS Science Test

MN MCA HS Science Test Sample

Standard: 1 pt

Answer Questions 1 through 3.

The Maned Wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus) is a canid species native only to Brazil’s grassland. This predator eats small mammals, insects and occasionally fruit from the Lobeira plant (Solanum lycocarpum). Compounds in this fruit kill kidney parasites in the wolf. Seeds within the fruit can’t germinate unless they pass through the digestive tract of an animal.

1. What type of evolutionary relationship is demonstrated between the wolf and the Lobeira plant?

Standard:,,, 1 pt

In 1796, Edward Jenner infected an 8-year-old boy with cowpox. Several months later, he exposed the boy to the more dangerous smallpox disease. He noted that the boy did not contract smallpox. Which conclusion is best defended by Jenner’s discovery?

Standard: 1 pt

A mother who is homozygous recessive for short eyelashes and a father who is homozygous dominant for long eyelashes have a child. What are the chances that the child will have short eyelashes?

Standard: 1 pt

Scenario: Diamond Fever

The valuable Hope Diamond was on display at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. One night the diamond was stolen, the police believe the person who stole the diamond spent at lot of time in the museum. During interrogation, three people appeared nervous and deceptive. They were recent patrons to the museum. The police gave polygraph examinations to these three suspects. A polygraph measures changes in body temperature, breathing rate and pulse rate.
4. During interrogation, what two factors of the suspects’ behavior likely led police to believe the people were being deceptive?

Standard: 1 pt

A polygraph attempts to measure disruptions in _____.