GA CCGPS Coordinate Algebra Part 2

GA CCGPS Coordinate Algebra Part 2 Sample

Chapter: 15 Standard: G.CO.2 DOK: 2 1 pt

Which of the following choices would not result in the transformation of figure B from figure A?

Chapter: 16 Standard: G.GPE.4 DOK: 2 1 pt

Prove A(–3,4), B(5,1), C(–6,–4) is an isosceles right triangle.

Chapter: 13 Standard: S.ID.2 DOK: 2 1 pt

Compare the two boxplots that represent ticket sales of two movies playing in various theaters. Which movie has better sales?

Chapter: 14 Standard: S.ID.6b DOK: 1 1 pt

What does the residual data represent?

Chapter: 14 Standard: S.ID.7 DOK: 2 1 pt

What is the slope of the line of best fit? What does it represent?