North Carolina 7th Grade Math EOG Chapter 5

North Carolina 7th Grade Math EOG Chapter 5 Sample

1 pt

Gorden collects rocks. He has 35 sedimentary rocks, 25 igneous rocks, 15 metamorphic rocks, and 10 unknown rocks. Which ratio compares Gorden’s sedimentary rocks to his unknown rocks, expressed in simplest form?

1 pt

Find n: 34 =75n

1 pt

The ratio of a rectangle’s length to its width is 2 : 1. If the length is 14 cm, what is its width?

1 pt

A bag of marbles has 24 marbles. 37.5% are red marbles, 41.7% are green marbles, 12.5% are yellow marbles, and 8.3% are blue marbles. What is the ratio of the total number of marbles to yellow marbles? Express your answer in simplest terms.

1 pt

An air tank that is 500 mL is 80% oxygen and 20% nitrogen. What is the amount of oxygen in milliliters in a 200 mL air tank that contains the same ratio?